Country Travel

So I travel a lot for my day job as a school photographer. I get to see most of north and north west NSW. We go to some pretty far out places and I’m pretty sure some are actually called Woop Woop. Along the way we see some amazing sights. The totally flat plains without a hill or mountain in sight, the huge rolling hills of the great divining range and everything in between.


I’ve seen emus running along side the car, pigs, sheep, cows and goats all sanding in the middle of the road. I’ve rescued countless numbers of turtles from the roads and the occasional injured bird.


The sunsets out west are amazing. The colours are so vibrant, bright and totally stunning! Growing up on the coast there is nothing quite like heading 11+hrs west to see a while new world, and I don’t even have to leave this vase country! I love my travels out west!!


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