Oh hi stranger!

So I’ve been neglecting my blog for some time. I’ve be way to busy with my day job as a school photographer to even think about blogging each night after work.  


Me and two work colleges at training for school photography earlier this year in Sydney. 

I’ve been trying to revamp my website and as I lay here in my motel bed west of Tamworth I have my laptop updating my website and I’m here on my phone writing this blog…..its 8pm…..what has this crazy internet obsessed world turned me into?!?! Ah well, these are the things you have to do to run a business these days. It’s not good enough for someone to just give you a call and book in. No one calls! It’s all Facebook, messenger, email, text, Instagram message…whoa it’s had to keep track of who messaged from where sometimes. 

Recent maternity shoot with Karlie <3
This year I’ll try to blog more, keep my website up to date and of course Facebook…..but if you see me falling behind its only because I’m working on the job that this happens, and to me, that’s the most important part! 

Tahlia the aspiring model!

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