Water Goddess

I had a vision, I wanted to do a shot with a girl in the water. Convert it to black and white. Then print it on metallic paper.

I asked my fav girl to shoot if she would be keen to get involved, the answer was a big YES! We ended up inviting another one of our friends, asking if she would like to be in on it as well….. Another YES!


So the day came, after all the planning, schedule changes and organisation of the props and makeup the weather was atrocious! It was wet, windy, raining and cold…..in summer. I Decided it had to go ahead, now or never!

We headed of down the beach, I did their makeup, picked out the clothes then braved the miserable weather to achieve some amazing photos!


The girls were sobering and shaking in the cold but soldiered on like real troopers as keen to get some stunning photos as I was.
I had worked with both of these girls before. They are both Evans Head locals so this is why I decided to make this an as local as possible shoot.
The shoot took place at the beach in Evans Head, then off to the boat ramp in Evans Head. I did the makeup, hair, styling, photography and editing.


I got the girls in up to their necks at the boat ramp as the fishermen watched with fascinated looks on their faces.


Then it happened, I got the shot. The shot that I wanted. As soon as my finger left the shutter button I knew….all the hard work and effort had paid off. The shot turned out just like I had envisioned….


Since then I have had the pleasure of my images being printed in an Australian wide magazine, Like A Lion. They chose to print my two favourite images from the shoot.
This is the second time I have had my work printed, and I think it looks quite good printed on the glossy pages of a magazine!!


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